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Birthday: 1935-05-12
Place of Birth: Oklahoma, USA Mini Biography World renown a
Wiki Biography: World renown archivist and historian of props, costumes, and other screen used paraphernalia from some of the greatest (and not so great) science fiction, fantasy, and horror motion pictures. Among some of the things found in his "basement" museum are, the original Time Machine from the George Pal classic of the same name, the original wolf's head cane from 1941's The Wolfman, the orignial King Kong armature, and a functioning full size head of the Alien Queen from James Cameron's Aliens.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Ghost Busters Tracy the Gorilla 1975 - 1976
Highlight Express Himself 2010 Action
Discovery Specials Himself 2013 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters 0000
Rat Pfink a Boo Boo 1966
The Shark is Still Working 2006
The Naked Monster 2006
Dark and Stormy Night Kogar the Gorilla 2009 Comedy, Mystery
The Despair Sean's Dad 2009 Horror