Bob Gunton Biography

Birthday: 1945-11-15
Place of Birth: Santa Monica, California USA

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Bob Gunton Bob Gunton Bob Gunton Bob Gunton Bob Gunton Bob Gunton


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Comedy Zone 1984 Comedy
Hothouse Dr. Leonard Schrader 1988 - 1988
Wild Palms Dr. Tobias Schenkl 1993 Drama
Courthouse Judge Homer Conklin 1995 Drama
Broken Arrow Pritchett 1996 Action
Greg the Bunny Junction Jack 2002 - 2002 Comedy
Imperfect Union 2007 Comedy
Back In The Game Watson 2013 Comedy
Perfect Storms Alexander McAnally III 2013 History
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Broken Arrow Pritchett 1950 Fantasy, 0
Rollover 1981 0, Game Show
Static Frank 1986 Comedy, Drama
Matewan 1988 Drama, History
Glory Gen. Charles Garrison Harker 1989 Romance, 0
Missing Pieces Mr. Gabor 1992 Comedy, Mystery, Thriller
Jennifer Eight 1992 Crime, Drama, Mystery
Demolition Man Chief George Earle 1993 Sport, Comedy, 0
Murder in the Heartland 1993 Drama, Thriller
The Shawshank Redemption Warden Norton 1994 Crime, Drama
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Burton Quinn 1995 Comedy, 0, 0
Dolores Claiborne Mr. Pease 1995 0, Game Show
The Glimmer Man 1996 0, Game Show, 0, 0
Changing Habits Bishop Creighton 1997 Comedy, Drama
Elvis Meets Nixon Richard M. Nixon 1997 Comedy, Drama
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil 1997 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Patch Adams Dean Walcott 1998 Comedy, Drama
Bats Dr. Alexander McCabe 1999 Thriller, Horror
The Perfect Storm Alexander McAnally III 2000 Action, Adventure, Drama
61* Dan Topping 2001 0
When Billie Beat Bobby 2001 Comedy, Drama, Sport
Scenes of the Crime 2002 Thriller, Drama, Action
Boat Trip 2003 Comedy
Dallas 362 2003
Ichabod! Baltus Van Tassel 2004 Family, Musical
Believe In Me 2005
Fracture 2007 Crime, Drama, Mystery
The Heaven Project 2008
The Lazarus Project Father Ezra 2008 Game Show
Player 5150 Nick Villa 2008 Action, Drama
Tenure William Thurber 2009
The Trial Joe Whetstone 2010 Drama, Mystery
The Least of These Father Thomas Peters 2011 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Get the Gringo Thomas Kaufman 2012 Action, Crime, Drama
Trouble with the Curve Watson 2012 Drama, Sport
Highland Park Bert 2013 Comedy, Drama
Jimmy Sheriff Brinson 2013 Drama, Family, Fantasy
Live at the Foxes Den Tony O'Hara 2013 Drama
Land of the Free Kennedy Winston 2014 Drama
Decoding Annie Parker Dr. Benton 2014
The 33 President Sebastián Piñera 2015 Drama
Mountain Top Maxwell Forrest 2017 0, 0