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Birthday: 1973-04-13
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Wiki Biography: Bokeem Woodbine grew up in Harlem New York. At the age of 19 he secured the lead role in the HBO production of Forrest Whitakers directorial debut,"Strapped." Bokeem moved to Los Angeles shortly after completing the film "Jason's Lyric." Mr. Woodbine has pursued a dream of becoming a noteworthy film actor for years,while balancing a passion for musical expression. Along the way he has appeared alongside Oscar wining actors and worked with many of today's top directors,producers,& networks. At 38, Bokeem is looking forward to years of creating memorable characters. To date he has appeared in biographical movies, like "Ray," comedies,like "Life," horror, "Devil," and most recently, science fiction in the much anticipated film, "Total Recall." Bokeem is an actor who respects the responsibility inherent in taking on any part,and enjoys a challenge.

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Bokeem Woodbine Bokeem Woodbine Bokeem Woodbine Bokeem Woodbine Bokeem Woodbine Bokeem Woodbine


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Battery Park 2000 Comedy
Life 2008 - 2009 Comedy
Rehab Addict Jonah 2010
The Real Daryl 2013
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Panther Tyrone 1995
The Rock Sergeant Crisp 1996 0
The Elevator Malcolm 1998 Comedy, Drama
Almost Heroes 1998 0, 0
The Big Hit Crunch 1998 Game Show, 0, 0
Caught Up Daryl 1998 Comedy, 0, Game Show
BlackMale Jimmy Best 2000 Thriller
3000 Miles to Graceland 2001 Comedy, Game Show, 0
The Breed Steve Grant 2001 Action, Adventure, Horror
Sniper 2 2002
Run for the Money Rock 2002 Action, Crime, Thriller
Ray Fathead Newman 2004 Drama, Music
Detonator Jack Forrester 2005 Drama, Thriller, Action
The Circle Cop 2006 Drama, Thriller
The Champagne Gang Rock Star 2006 Action, Adventure
The Last Sentinel 2007
Confessions Miles Adams 2007 Crime, Drama, Mystery
The Poker House Duval 2008 Drama
The Fifth Commandment Miles Templeton 2008 Action, Comedy, Crime
A Day in the Life Bam Bam 2009 Action, Crime, Drama
The Butcher Chinatown Pete 2009 Action, Thriller
Strapped 2010
Devil Guard 2010 Reality Tv, Game Show
Little Murder Lipp 2011 0
Total Recall Harry 2012 Action, Adventure
Letting Go Mark 2012 Drama, Romance
Caught on Tape Tyrone 2013 0, Comedy
Riddick Moss 2013 Action, Thriller
1982 Scoop 2013 Drama
Five Thirteen Nestor 2013 Drama
Guardian Angel Detective Jackson 2013 Action, Drama
7 Days as a Kingpin Flo 2014 Comedy
Jarhead 2: Field of Fire Kettner 2014 Romance, 0
For Love or Money Jacoby 2014 Comedy
Banana Republic Azzedine 2014 Adventure
The Runner 2015 0, Game Show
Life 2017 Game Show, Sport, Reality Tv, 0
Freeway 2017