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Film title: Bone Daddy
Language: English
Plot: Doctor Palmer, a former pathologist, wrote a fictional book based on his real cases. In the book, the madman gets caught, but in reality he is still uncaught. After the book is released, Palmer's editor is kidnapped. Palmer soon is sent a present containing a page of his book, and a bone from his editor. Together with the police, Palmer tries to find his editor, who might still be alive. In addition, his own son becomes one of the main susp

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Bone Daddy Cast & Crew

Rutger Hauer
as Palmer
R.H. Thomson
as Stone
Joseph Kell
as Peter
Blu Mankuma
as Trent
Mimi Kuzyk
as Kim
Wayne Best
as Rodman
Daniel Kash
as Rocky
Peter Keleghan
as Tarnower
Kirsten Bishop
as Leslie
Kyra Azzopardi
as Cindy
Marc Donato
as Mark
Michael Caruana
as Hurwitz
Dean McDermott
as Mort Jr.