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Birthday: 1939-04-16
Place of Birth: Split, Croatia
Wiki Biography: Boris Dvornik was born to the family of a carpenter. His acting experience started at the age of 8 when he took parts in plays for children. In his high school days he was learning to be electrician, but soon decided to pursue full-time acting career instead. After finishing National Acting School in Novi Sad he enrolled in Drama Academy in Zagreb. While on the first academic year, he began his movie career in The Ninth Circle (1960). His film debut was instant success, and in his second movie, Martin in the Clouds (1961), he proved his abilities in comic roles. Dvornik soon became on of the movie icons of former Yugoslavia, together with 'Bata Zivojinovic', Milena Dravic and Ljubisa Samardzic. However, the zenith of popularity was reached by his role in humorous cult series "Malo misto" (mini) and some other light pieces that followed in the 1970s. However, although still being one of the most prolific actors in history of former Yugoslav and Croatian cinema and TV, Boris Dvornik in 1980s mostly used to work in the Croatian National Theatre in Split. In 1992, due to the friendship with Antun Vrdoljak, he flirted with politics for a couple of months. Dvornik is married, has a daughter and four granchildren, while two of his sons - Dean Dvornik and 'Dino Dvornik', who used to cameo as children in his movies - are now major pop stars in Croatia.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Tajna starog tavana Sime 1984
Marjuca ili smrt Ivanko 1987 Drama, Romance
Tempi di guerra Bronco - Rebel Leader 1987 Adventure
Tesna koza 2 Vujo 1987 Comedy
Doktor ludosti Prolaznik 2003 Comedy
Duga mracna noc Luka Kolar 2004 Drama