Watch Breakfast of Champions Online

Watch Breakfast of Champions Online
Film title: Breakfast of Champions
Rotten Tomatoes: 31%
Language: English
Plot: It would seem that Dwayne Hoover (Bruce Willis) has it made: He's a millionaire car salesman in a town where everyone loves him. Despite these killer advantages, Dwayne thinks his life sucks and has little hope for it getting any better. Thanks to his drug-addled wife (Barbara Hershey), his pestering mistress and his cross-dressing sales manager (Nick Nolte), an upturn doesn't seem imminent. Lukas Haas and Omar Epps co-star.

Breakfast of Champions Cast & Crew

Bruce Willis
as Dwayne Hoover
Albert Finney
as Kilgore Trout
Nick Nolte
as Harry Le Sabre
Lukas Haas
as George 'Bunny' Hoover
Omar Epps
as Wayne Hoobler