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Film title: Breaking Point
Language: English
Plot: Shawn Dickerson, an early thirties, rough around the edges street guy is accused of killing Brenda, a wealthy and prominent older lady, known for her compassion, and benevolence towards kids from the inner-cities. Shawn is hunted by Brenda's grieving husband HARRY, the police, and a very ambitious and overzealous Assistant D.A. name Ballard, who is willing to do whatever she has to do to make District Attorney, even if it means bending the rules. Harry, already distraught due to the death of his daughter Susan, at the hands of a hit and run driver, decides to take the law into his own hands, to mete out Justice to Shawn. While Shawn is on the run, Assistant D.A Ballard devises a plan to procure the case once Shawn is apprehended, believing that a guilty verdict against Shawn will increase her chances of becoming the D.A. Once Shawn is apprehended, the fireworks begin.

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Breaking Point Cast & Crew

Sean Nelson
as Jay
Tiffany Dion
as Marina
Nicolette Noble
as Britney
Duane Finley
as Polo
Tracy Wiu
as Li Ling
Shellita Boxie
as Bernadette
Diana Lovell
as D.A. Ballard
Elizabeth June
as D.A. Fryer
Megan Brown
as Cindy
Kevin J. O'Neill
as Detective Wayde
Wendell Kinney
as Detective David