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Film title: Broadway's Finest
Language: English
Plot: Broadway's Finest is a diverting story about three struggling men who impersonate New York City under cover cops and chase down a notorious drug dealer in order to create their own cutting edge police drama. Desperate for success, they enter the dangerous world of undercover police work to get the authentic material they need to create their show. As the exploits of the ill-prepared detectives get them deeper and deeper into the case, they are driven to extremes. Do these guys really know what they're playing with? Will they survive the dangers of the street? Things are rarely what they seem in this gritty dramatic comedy.

Broadway's Finest Series
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Broadway's Finest Cast & Crew

Adam Storke
as Lewis
John Lavelle
as Goldstone
Nick Cornish
as Willy
Larry Pine
as A.K. Lipson
Lauren Hodges
as Lauren
Robert Clohessy
as Buckley
Robert Funaro
as Larson
Chris Kerson
as Saveno
Mark Lotito
as Captain Harrison
Mark Price
as Shelly
Vedette Lim
as Waitress
Steve Harper
as Acting Student
Tyrone Brown
as Glenn