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Film title: Buds for Life
Language: English
Plot: This story follows four friends transplanted from New York to Los Angeles to follow thier acting dreams. The four get distracted in four very different ways but all involve women. From obsession with the unreal to the older and wiser woman, to the how many beautiful ladies can their be in this town, and lets not forget the focus on will she ever come back to me syndrome. Trials and tribulations occur between their friendship and their relationships with very different women in this romantic comed

Buds for Life Series
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Buds for Life Cast & Crew

Eugene Byrd
as Paul Dobson
Donn Swaby
as Dante Jones
Eddie Griffin Jr.
as Warren 'Weed' Tierny
Chrystee Pharris
as Monica Harris
Cathy Doe
as Reese Foster
Kate Vernon
as Valerie Quinlan
Jameelah McMillan
as Pamela Hastings
Roark Critchlow
as Robert Jamison
Serena Berné
as Patty Jamison
Theo Rossi
as Teddy
Reggie Rolle
as Reggie
Ben Hogestyn
as Freddy
Gail Silver
as Madame Reinard
Monica Barladeanu
as Stephanie