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Film title: Cabin Crew
Language: English
Plot: Everything appears innocent when six young friends from Primrose, Illinois gather at their familiar lake-side cabin for a weekend of fun in the sun until Billy, the group bad boy, unleashes two black suitcases loaded with heavy artillery. Whitney, her boyfriend Frank, her ex Marshall, young Eddie, Billy, and Sarah arrive wounded and bloody with bags of cash. Unable to go to the hospital, Billy calls a seedy Spanish speaking gangster named "Uncle Juan" to retrieve a bullet from his leg. Juan doesn't exactly hold family virtues close to heart and makes a break with the bags of cash. During his escape however, Juan gets shot by a couple of dirty detectives looking for an easy payday. Now the crew has to find a way to not only save the cash, but more importantly, their lives from the sadistic and homicidal officers of the law. It becomes clear the crew of young bandits needs this money for something greater than greed, something much more crucial.

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Cabin Crew Cast & Crew

Austin Amelio
as Billy
Shayla Bagir
as Sarah
Kaylene Ball
as Whitney
Harold Fisch
as Eddie
Morgan Floyd
as Brooke
Eric Jaines
as Uncle Juan
Zach Rigdon
as Miles
Nicholas Saenz
as Marshall
Geronimo Son
as Frank
Sam Wooden
as Kendall