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Film title: Caged Fear
Language: English
Plot: After a jewelry theft Tommy Lane can hardly free. His girlfriend Kristen has less luck and is arrested. She's sentenced to jail in an ill-reputed female prison in Oklahoma. Tommy doesn't let her down; he manages to get into the prison - on the other side of the bars - to force the ruthless director to let h

Caged Fear Series
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Caged Fear Cast & Crew

Stanley DeSantis
as Mr. O Daniels
Karen Hensel
as Scary Mary
Kim Danzer
as Dina
John Cadenhead
as Sheriff Wade
Pamela Brown
as Ophelia
Tony Payne
as Pete Muntz
Jani Lane
as Himself
David Keith
as Tommy Lane
Kristen Cloke
as Kristen
Deborah May
as Mrs. Charles
Ray Sharkey
as Warden Hayes
Karen Black
as Blanche
Rick Dean
as Major Skinner