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Film title: Cahoots
Language: English
Plot: Two men who were "best friends" while growing up together and into their 20's, reconnect after years apart. On the surface, their lives have gone in opposite directions, one married, successful, respectful and settled; the other divorced, footloose, unemployed and prowling. The narrative is not linear but vertical as simple get together to "have a drink" leads to a nihilistic descent into macho hell. The only thing that survives their reunion is their love f

Cahoots Series
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Cahoots Cast & Crew

David Keith
as Harley
Wendie Malick
as Diane
Janet Gunn
as Rita
Bill Erwin
as Frenchy
Anne Lockhart
as Sylvie
Jim Hanks
as Mr. Marsh
Tony Pierce
as Tommy
Ted McGinley
as Brad
Jill Anderson
as Charlotte