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Watch Calendar Girl  Online
Film title: Calendar Girl
Language: English
Plot: Like many adolescent boys, Roy Darpinian had the hots for movie divas, and one in particular was his wet dream as half of America's in the 1950s: Marilyn Monroe. The difference is, one summer holiday he actually decided to enlist his spineless buddies, Scott Foreman and Ned Bleuer, to actually drive all the way to Hollywood and make as many desperate attempts as it takes to meet her or get arrested trying, and no setback or embarrassment (even publicly bare-ass) can stop or distract him. Against all odds, he finally even got a chance to help her...

Calendar Girl Cast & Crew

Jason Priestley
as Roy Darpinian
Gabriel Olds
as Ned Bleuer
Jerry O'Connell
as Scott Foreman
Joe Pantoliano
as Harvey Darpinian
Steve Railsback
as Roy's Father
Kurt Fuller
as Arturo Gallo
Stephen Tobolowsky
as Antonio Gallo
Emily Warfield
as Becky O'Brien
Michael Quill
as Photographer
Blake McIver Ewing
as 6-Year-Old Ned
Michael David Kaye
as 6-Year-Old Scott
Sean Fitzgerald
as 6-Year-Old Roy
Maggie Simman
as 6-Year-Old Becky
Elizabeth Quill
as Howdy Doody Mom