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Film title: Carícies
Language: Catalan
Plot: Eleven episodes portray different encounters in a large city during the course of a single night towards the end of the millennium. A young man wants to stop living together with a young woman because he believes that they no longer have anything to say to each other. The young woman goes to visit her mother, an elderly woman. She lives with an old lesbian who meets her homeless brother. She asks him to forgive her for having seduced his wife all those years ago, but the brother pretends not to know who she is. A young boy attacks the homeless man. At first he tells him about his wild nights, then he knocks him to the ground and steals the old man's ring. At home the young boy has a bath and asks his father to join him in the tub. The boy's father has a girlfriend, a young woman. He intends to end their relationship... Eleven interlocking scenes that involve two characters, one of whom carries forward into the next scene, until the chain comes full circle.

Carícies Series
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Carícies Cast & Crew

David Selvas
as Home jove
Laura Conejero
as Dona jove
Julieta Serrano
as Dona gran
Montserrat Salvador
as Dona vella
Agustín González
as Home vell