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Film title: Caribe
Language: English
Plot: Prepare to get tangled in the jungles of Belize when an arms smuggler loses her partner in a deadly shootout and finds herself on the run in the tropics of Central America. Helen is an amateur, making her money as an illegal arms trader to Central American terrorists. And as she runs for her life after the deal goes bad, she has no choice but to trusts Jeff, a British Intelligence Agent - it's a life and death chase, where passion and loyalty are easily confused...

Caribe  Series
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Caribe Cast & Crew

John Savage
as Jeff Richardson
Kara Glover
as Helen Williams
Stephen McHattie
as Whitehale
Sam Malkin
as Roy Forbes
Zack Nesis
as Tommy Goff
Paul Koslo
as Mercenary
Maury Chaykin
as Captain Burdoch
T.J. Scott
as Stone
Johnny Goar
as Willy
Lennox Penill
as Foley
Sean Houck
as Guard