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Wiki Biography: Carishma Basday is a 24 year old professional actress, dancer and model. She started her training at the tender age of 4 in her home town of Port Shepstone. After graduating from Port Shepstone High School in 2004 she traveled to Chicago in the USA as a Rotary exchange student. While fulfilling her duty as an exchange student by helping various charities such as hurricane Katrina victims and educating people about her beloved South Africa, she also found the time to be a journalist for a local paper, a news anchor and journalist for a local news channel, and follower her dreams of becoming a professional actress and dancer by landing a role in the play Les Miserables and a dancing show. After a year she returned to study at UKZN in Pietermaritzburg, in 2008 she obtained her degree in performing arts and media studies. She also acquired a diploma through UKZN in association with the New York Film Academy in behind the scenes work such as editing, scriptwriting, lighting, directing and producing. Carishma then decided to follow her dreams to Cape Town where she attended Act Cape Town where she trained as a film actress under big names in the industry such as Grant Swanby and Sean Cameron Michael. She signed with the Artists One agency in 2009 and has never looked back. Carishma has trained in many styles of dancing including ballet, modern dance, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, belly dancing, funk, fusion, salsa and Latin American. She has done numerous national and international theatre productions, TV commercials, music videos and short films. Her greatest achievement thus far is her role in the award winning theatre piece Betesda, which besides receiving rave reviews took three Kanna awards at this years Absa KKnk festival and her first leading role in a feature film as Zulfa in Material.Besides living breathing eating and sleeping her passion for the performing arts, Carishma is a dynamic personality who enjoys life to the fullest. She is a self-proclaimed dare devil who enjoys many outdoor sports and activities, and capitalizes on any opportunity to soak up some sun She also loves working up a sweat at the gym and considers hours of shopping a good workout not only for the body but for the soul. She loves good food and chocoholic is a weak term when it comes to describing her obsession with chocolate. Family is very important to her and she loves spending time with them and her Pomeranian Teddy Bear who is the apple of her eye. She is truly a spiritual being and a child of the universe. She believes that all people are equal and that we are all created from one god and the each person no matter how big or small has their purpose on this earth, no doubt no matter what we do the universe is unfolding as it should. She lives her life by the saying 'om namah shivaya' 'worship the divinity within you'; if you treat yourself like there is a part of god in you which there is in everyone of us then you will inherently do gods work in everything you do.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Material Zulfa Ahmed 2012 Comedy, Drama
Jimmy in Pink Bride 2013 Biography