Carl Clemons Biography

Birthday: 1979-03-06
Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Wiki Biography: Carl Clemons started acting in elementary school in plays then pursued acting heavily after he met Nancy Mosser, a casting director based in Pittsburgh that till this day he is close too. With her guidance he landed a small part in "The Temptations" movie amongst others. Carl always had a passion for acting and the willpower to overcome all obstacles whether big or small. The road that he traveled was a hard one that even till this day he continues to travel while finding sporadic success along the way. He lives in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which carries little to no opportunities growing up in the hood. Carl has a lot of friends that have died violently in both the drug game as well as gangs. Thru all the adversity he has been blessed along the way landing bigger roles like Daryl on the National Christian TV show His Place,HBO's The Wire, and Americas Most Wanted. His character Daryl on His Place portrayed the day to day struggle involving urban America which very much resembled that of his own life as he grew up in rough neighborhoods throughout his years surrounded by gang violence and drugs. Carl felt by playing the troubled character Daryl on His Place that he could help draw individuals in to the show who could relate to his character and receive the message that his character was delivering.He credits his mom Barbara Clemons and Grandma Beulah Clemons for holding him together even though they had a hard time making something out of nothing. Carl along with his mom and Grandma grew up poor however they were rich within Carl states and that's what's important. Carl is a survivor, never having a father figure to look up to, just his Mom and Grandma. Carl was on HBO's The Wire where he credits Sareva Racher for placing him in front of Pat Moran & Associates. Carl states that Pat Moran is also a very kind woman along with her Associates he states he is blessed to know them. He also landed a lead role in a independent film called "Lost Money" with actors Tyrell Baker and Hassan Johnson from The Wire who Carl is good friends with. The other actors in the movie include Carl's good friend NFL lineman Max Starks from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jake Andolina.Carl has worked on over 20 films, commercials, and music videos and has had the pleasure of working with a lot of Hollywood greats.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Barbershop Chronicles Rashan 2009 Comedy
Sonny Days Terrace Lounge Patron #2 2012 Comedy
The Hilltop Barbershop Rashan 2013 Comedy
Mafia Soldier #5 2013 Crime
Angels Around Me Boogie 2013 Action
The Hills Craig Harris 2014 Action
Smoke the Vote Ace 2014 Drama
The Other Side Mike 2014 Thriller
Blood on the Leaves Jamal 2016 Crime, Drama