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Film title: Carry Me Home
Language: English
Plot: A family of slaves, headed by Samuel Woodward (Cuba Gooding Jr.), escape from a Southern plantation with the help of the Underground Railroad. Their journey towards Canada is as perilous as it is intriguing. Quakers, musicians, railwaymen, a troupe of actors and Frederick Douglas, amongst others, individually conspire to help save the family from the infamous Slave Hunter, Plimpton (William Sadler), who is in hot pursuit. Although having escaped, Samuel rails against the hope of ever finding true freedom. He is shackled by bitterness, emanating from the emptiness of his own enslavement and atrocities committed against his ancestors. As they journey, Samuel's Grandmother Adira (Phyllis Bash), tells a story about the slave trader John Newton (Bernhard Forcher), who captained the ship that brought Samuel's ancestors out of Africa. Adira's story of Newton, although set in the past, resonates with Samuel and he begins to see the possibility of a future for himself and his family. At the ...

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Carry Me Home Cast & Crew

Sharon Leal
as Vanessa
William Sadler
as Plimpton
Diane Salinger
as Fanny
Travaris Spears
as Fassena
David Rasche
as Jefferson Monroe
Terrence Mann
as Barney Fagan
Daniel Gerroll
as Herbert Barton
Bernhard Forcher
as John Newton
Oberon K.A. Adjepong
as Siding Slave One
Dara Coleman
as Davey
Sean Leser
as Sailor
John Franchi
as Slave Buyer
John Keating
as Bosun