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Film title: Chains of Gold
Language: English
Plot: Scott Barnes (Travolta) is an alcoholic turned social worker hellbent on saving a young boy named Tommy (Lawrence) from self-destructing when he finds out he has begun selling crack in an organization called YIP, run by Carlos (Bratt)

Chains of Gold Series
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Chains of Gold Cast & Crew

John Travolta
as Scott Barnes
Marilu Henner
as Jackie
Bernie Casey
as Sergeant Falco
Hector Elizondo
as Lieutenant Ortega
Benjamin Bratt
as Carlos
Ramón Franco
as James
Conchata Ferrell
as Martha Burke
Tammy Lauren
as Rachel Burke
Jack Lam
as Che Che
Will Knickerbocker
as Donaldson
Jafari Dunn
as Pedro
John Archie
as Vincent