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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Libeled Lady 1936 Comedy, Romance
That Certain Woman 1937 0
Crime School 1938 Crime, Drama
The Man They Could Not Hang Judge Bowman 1939 Crime, Horror, Sci Fi
Swanee River 1940 Drama
The Fatal Hour 1940 Horror, Mystery
Johnny Apollo 1940 Crime, Drama, Romance
Our Town 1940 Drama
Sergeant York 1941 Action, Drama
King of the Texas Rangers 1941 Adventure
Great Guns 1941 Comedy, Romance
Adventures of the Flying Cadets 1943 Adventure
Buck Privates Come Home 1947 Comedy
Tarzan and the Huntress 1947 Action, Adventure, Romance
The Sea of Grass George Cameron 1947 Drama
Hollow Triumph 1948 Game Show, Comedy
The Paleface Gov. Johnson 1948 Fantasy