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Film title: Charlie
Language: English
Plot: After years of drifting away from his family, Charlie comes home one evening to find another man's car in the driveway. Certain of his wife's infidelity Charlie explodes into a binge of drinking, fighting, and confusion. The desperate search to remind himself of who he is leads him to his lover, to his ex-girlfriend, to an explosive confrontation with his best friend, and finally to an evening of chasing down a stranger in hopes of some of emotional contact. The journey is a failure. Charlie returns home to ask for forgiveness. Charlie is about a man's search to discover why he has failed in love. Why he has constantly destroyed people closest to him, the one's who loved him most.

Charlie  Series
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Charlie Cast & Crew

Kourtney Rutherford
as Alyssa the Waitress
Ewa Da Cruz
as Emma the Dancer
Lisa Hickman
as Singer
Margaret Rose Champagne
as Party Person
Ivy Elrod
as Party Person
Jeff Hassay
as Party Person
João Costa Menezes
as Diner Patron / Bartender of Lonely Bar