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Wiki Biography: Charlotte Chanler is from Andover Massachusetts. Home to the famous private school, Phillips Academy. Humphrey Bogart, JFK Jr. and the Prince of Monaco all went there. Charlotte did not. Charlotte attended public high school. There, she would skip class, drive into Boston/Cambridge, and walk around Harvard square. Why go to public high school if you can pretend to go to Harvard? Clearly an actress in the making. She attended The College of Santa Fe in New Mexico, a small liberal arts college, which recently underwent a name change and is now known as the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. It was here she developed a pallet for green chile, an appreciation for the West, and a BFA in Acting. Since college she has been per-suing her dream. Charlotte is also a voice over artist, as well as actress. When not honing her on camera skills, she is working on her vocal archetypes, and auditioning for cartoons and radio commercials. To keep her acting instrument honed, Charlotte plays a lot in the theatre. She is a member of The Road Theatre in Los Angeles. Theatre being her first introduction to acting at the ripe influential age of 12, she still holds it nearest and dearest to her heart. Charlotte also sings and plays guitar. She is writing her first album.

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Charlotte Chanler Charlotte Chanler Charlotte Chanler Charlotte Chanler Charlotte Chanler Charlotte Chanler


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
A Quiet Little Marriage Alice 2008 Drama