Cheer Series
Genre: Comedy
Premiere: 2011
Network: NBC
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 6
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In a world where women strive to be powerful and independent, a group of children struggle to understand their mothers. Comedy mini-series. In Episode 1, The Pole, find out what children think about their mothers practicing their pole fitness moves in a playground. Meet Lara (the overbearing mother of Elizabeth) and Kristin (the health freak pole fitness instructor and mother to Julie), Lisa (the altruistic mother to adopted daughter Mona), and Charlotte (the oblivious mother to the sweet Nala). In Episode 2, Jump, Elizabeth and Julie have some boy problems in their elementary school playground. In Episode 3, The Babysitter, meet Melissa, sister in law to Lara, who hates children. What does she do when Elizabeth places her on an online dating service. In Episode 4, Wax, see how Elizabeth and Julie handle the items they find in their mom's bathroom.
Cheer S01E06 After a rollercoaster ride of a season, the CJA Senior 5 team finally heads to Orlando for the Worlds Cheerleading Championship.
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Date Aired Cheer Episodes
Season 1
07 September 2012 Season 1, Episode 1: Pray For A Good Night, Kid
14 September 2012 Season 1, Episode 2: Give Me Your Excuse Of The Day
21 September 2012 Season 1, Episode 3: Hurt People, Hurt People
28 September 2012 Season 1, Episode 4: I'm a Little Intense For a Twelve-Year Old
05 October 2012 Season 1, Episode 5: Make That Storybook Ending Happen
12 October 2012 Season 1, Episode 6: Greatness is Built On the Fight