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Film title: Cherchez Hortense
Language: French
Plot: Damien is a professor of Japanese civilization. Just now he has a problem: he has promised Iva, his life companion, to ask his father Sébastien, a state councilor, to intervene in favor of Zorica, an illegal alien. In theory, Sébastien Hauer is influential enough to keep Zorica from being expelled from France but the trouble is that he has always despised his son. As for Damien, he hates his old man. It looks as if Zorica is not on track to stay in the country for much longer...

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Cherchez Hortense Cast & Crew

Jean-Pierre Bacri
as Damien Hauer
Kristin Scott Thomas
as Iva Delusi
Marin Orcand Tourrès
as Noé Hauer
Claude Rich
as Sébastien Hauer
Arthur Igual
as Antoine
Jackie Berroyer
as Lobatch
Jérôme Beaujour
as Campuche
Philippe Duclos
as Henri Hortense
Benoît Jacquot
as Kevadian
Masahiro Kashiwagi
as Satoshi - le serveur japonais
Iliana Lolitch
as Véra - la femme de Marco
Francis Leplay
as Marco - le frère d'Iva
Joséphine Derenne
as Blandine Hauer
Agathe Bonitzer
as Laetitia