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Film title: Chernyy Prince
Language: Russian
Plot: Black Prince is a historical thriller with flashbacks 200 years back to showcase symbolic, or mystic coincidences in glorious and tragic events in the life of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin ( Levani Uchaneishvili "Tycoon"). Ray Charles Jr., the son of the legendary US jazz man, is staring as a Hollywood film director. Ray fails to shoot his film in US about Pushkin, then goes to Russia and meets a strikingly beautiful lady from St. Petersburg. A prominent Russian prima ballerina Anastasia Volochkova performs the main role of the lady and Pushkin's wife Natalie.

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Chernyy Prince Cast & Crew

Levan Uchaneishvili
as Pushkin / Sasha
Anastasiya Volochkova
as Natalie Goncharova / Natasha
George Anthony Anisimow
as Pushkin's Son
Vasiliy Galashev
as Bodyguard
Aleksandr Inshakov
as Card Player
Tamar Kagan
as Poletika / Brunette
Boris Khmelnitsky
as Card Player
Masha Khryshikova
as Little Natasha
Aleksandr Kulyamin
as Benkeroff / Alex
Valeri Kurykin
as Agent
Linda Hayward Mills
as Roy's Mother
Polina Nevzorova
as Aleksandrina