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Film title: Chica de Río
Language: English, Portuguese
Plot: Raymond is a bank clerk that dream on Rio de Janeiro and the beautiful and exotic samba dancer Orlinda. He has a secret class of samba at night, where he teaches the rhythm and how to dance samba to British persons. One day, he finds that his wife is cheating him with his boss and he decides to rob the bank and go to Rio de Janeiro to meet his passion. In the arrival, he meets the cab driver Paulo, an authentic 'malandro carioca' (smart guy born in Rio) and he crosses the way of the powerful 'bicheiro' (owner of an illegal and popular Brazilian lottery, called 'jogo de bicho' - translating, would be animal lottery), getting into trouble.

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Chica de Río Cast & Crew

Hugh Laurie
as Raymond
Vanessa Nunes
as Orlinda
Patrick Barlow
as Strothers
Lia Williams
as Cathy
Nelson Xavier
as Bichero
Hugh Lloyd
as Albert
John Junkin
as Mr. Bigelow
Julio Levi
as Copacabana Concierge
Paul Jerricho
as Inspector
Kacey Ainsworth
as Sales Assistant
Glynis Brooks
as Mrs. Grace
Arthur Cox
as Bank Customer
Ann Morrish
as Bank Customer
Paul Mari
as Larry