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Film title: Children of the X-Files
Language: English
Plot: A desperate housewife discovers she is the mother of an Alien species of mankind destined to survive the coming Apocalypse. Is the father of her Alien/Human hybrid twins an Alien, an Angel, or the Anti-Christ? Kendra dreams that she has had Alien twins abducted from her by an advanced species of Aliens. When her husband takes her to see a doctor, she is told she can't have children. She sees a hypno-therapist, Dr. Farrell, who uncovers lost memories of her abduction and impregnation. Kendra joins a UFO support group and visits Area 51 where she witnesses secret government tests of captured UFO's. Her husband has her committed to an Asylum where she escapes to be re-united with her Alien family. From the secret LAPD X-files, this story is ripped from the investigations of UFO researcher William L. McDonald

Children of the X-Files Series
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Children of the X-Files Cast & Crew

Wendy Braun
as Ellen
Jay Ehler
as Dr. Farrell
Danny Fendley
as Peter Connelly
Linda Loftin
as Kendra Connelly