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Height: 5' 9½" (1.77 m)
Wiki Biography: Chloe Roxx established her name in Miss World Canada 2012 being the 19 year old first pageant. She became a contestant 7 days before crowning night, disadvantage by time she still managed to catch people's attention, take her place through the "experienced pageant girls" to use this platform to raise awareness towards Love is Louder and send a message through her present and future work.After 5 years of focusing on her music career recording in studios such as (Paramount Studios in L.A) to (KMA Studios in New York with her name next to artist such as Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber, working with top Grammy award winning producers and Major record labels since she was 14, she realized that the part she loved most about singing was getting into character, feeling real emotions, telling a story, touching people, leading her to commit to becoming an Actor in 2011. Roxx went from her Hollywood life back to Canada in 2011 to focus, on new projects and films establishing her name fast in the movie industry. She is was also the face for fashion advertisement, and designers.Born in Montreal, Canada to a pair of French/English successful models and growing up in the world of fashion,Chloe Roxx realized at a very young age that she enjoyed being in front of the cameras and being in the spotlight. Determined to prove everyone wrong and going against the "norm", Chloe strives to make standing out of a crowd seen as a positive thing. Singing and dancing, acting, modeling, and traveling around the world, exposed the artist to a much bigger universe than most people experience before the age of 14 when she started pursuing her passions and talents as careers. Travelling from Montreal to Miami, Miami to Hollywood, Hollywood to then New York City and finally back to Hollywood, Chloe had to be home schooled during high school.Chloe Roxx started as a young child of two successful models by acting, modeling, and being the face of many ads as a child all over Canada. She started getting noticed by top music industry coaches such as " Joanne Raby " at age 11 being one of the youngest non- experienced singer to be coached by this award winning and "Star Academy" judge, the"American Idol" competition version of Quebec/Canada.At age 14, Roxx started getting noticed in the USA, winning local singing competitions and being the" it factor"girl in showcases, grabbing the attention of an A&R from " Virgin Records ". Later on that year, Chloe moved from Miami, FL to the land of stars, Hollywood, CA. Working with career launchers such as " Jason Davis " from " Fahrenheit Media Group "to shopping labels such as Capitol/Sony/Virgin/Warner Brother Records, when trying to find this young new girls sound and market. Recording her first Demo with " Roy Hamilton "who is the genius behind hit singles for artists such as" Britney Spears "definitely put Chloe who isn't from a musically connected family, off to great start.Dedicating her whole life, time into music, she started working with "Grammy Award" winning producers such as"Robin Nixon", and " Kristian Nord ", who had produced and worked on albums of " Sarra Brightman ", "American Idol" winners, and award winning artist like " Tokio Hotel " selling millions of records worldwide..Sixteen and overly mature, Chloe started discovering her sound, look and most importantly discovered she was a brilliant songwriter.In 2009 Chloe was introduced to " Tom Jones " and " Paul McCartney's " past drummer "Graham Ward"at his well known studio "SynchronicityMusic" studio, which client base includes NBC, Universal Music Group, Capital Records, Sony Records, Fox Networks, USA Network, Speed Network, MTV, VH1, Warner Brothers.. In 2010, Roxx and Ward started getting in studio and working on her writing, not holding anything back this 18 year old very opinionated girl, with no fear started recording some fresh material. Ward had to move on to another project out of country, coming to end of this project together, but Chloe wasn't left with nothing to do for long.In early 2011 she got the chance to record a duet and cover of "Smash You" by "The Ramones" the legendary, worldwide known punk band with one of the actual members of the group "Richie Ramones" at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA. A month later the 18 year old went from L.A to New York City, recording her own songs at KMA Studio in Time Square, her name being right above "Chris Brown" in the list of artist and clients that recorded there along with Canadian super star " Justin Bieber ", " Drake " and other award winners such as Beyonce,Nikki Minaj and more was the first time Chloe realized what she had accomplished.December, 2011, Chloe decided to shake things up by going back to what she first started doing as a young kid for fun " Acting". Having done Commercials, movies,TV at a young age, she realized how comfortable, at ease, and home she feels on set still to this day. Being in cities such as L.A, the young girl who was trying to focus on music would often get offers, castings, and be scouted in classes by world known " agency's/managers" representing some of the most famous faces and top casting directors such as also Canadian " Krisha Bullock " who sky rocketed many actors careers for hit shows on " Nickelodeon " such as " I-CARLY " " ZOEY 101 " and " Big Time Rush ".For 2012 and being Canadian, going back to her own country to establish her name as an actress is what seemed right to research and focus her full attention into this new path. Acting was always part of her life, even as a singer, but she is now enjoying getting involved in " film , theater and TV ". There is nothing more Chloe loves then being on set, rehearsals or studying her characters at this time on her many projects that are currently filming or still in pre-production. This year Chloe Roxx is sure to be a name you will become more and more familiar with as she finally claims her spotlight showing us her many talents. Off to a great start already she is starting to get recognized and is building a career that will give this future star credit, while taking over are screens in the coming years.Involved in many charities and organizations in hopes to make a difference and raise awareness, money, or hope to people or animals who need it most, she is know in the running to be " Miss British Columbia " to then go to " Miss Canada ". Not being a typical pageant girl she hopes to bring positive attention, and use her platform to good use by making a difference, making herself available at all times, emotionally, and physically for others, to help as much as she can the causes that hit very close to home. Chloe is bringing a sense of realist to a pageant competition by not striving to be up to the standers of someone else's "perfect" as there is no such thing as perfection, but to simply try to be the best people, community, county, and planet we can be.Chloe has been linked previously to several celebrities, models, actors and musicians, claiming it is easiest to understand each others needs, schedules when in the same industry, but also making it much harder for it to develop into serious relationships as temptation and being in different cities for work becomes a constant struggle. She is very private when it comes to her personal life.Travelling and moving so much she has become and stayed to this day very close with allot of friends who are from London, New-York, Miami,L.A, Vegas, Australia, back in her hometown Montreal and more. She has also learned to not trust and let people in as easily as she use to in a city where no one really want what's best for you.Chloe is very close with her family, and grew up with lots of animals like cats and hamsters,to know 3 adopted shelter dogs that she , " Josie " her mom and " Vikki " her sister share together. Her everyday routine starts with her morning "Coffee", and working out at least 5 days a week by walking, hiking, doing yoga, Pilate's, or the gym.

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