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Birthday: 1982-02-16
Place of Birth: Lansing, Michigan, USA
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Wiki Biography: Chris Jai Alex is from Lansing, Michigan. Chris was Literally born into music, his mother Gloria Sanford, was an aspiring artist since before his birth. With the exception of minor success and a star search appearance, she remained undiscovered. As the years passed she turned her attention over to her sons in hopes of realizing that ultimate dream nearly two generations old. Chris Jai showed promise, having a knack for creativity he taught himself piano, guitar, and midi music production. Later on he produced and preformed with a series of groups, the last and best being Mirage. Mirage had local success, they performed at local venues, one of which was with Boys II Men's, Wanya Morris. With Gloria's passing shortly before Mirage forming, she unfortunately never got to see or hear this group.After graduating from high school he moved to New York for a career in music production under the tutelage of the head director of membership for ASCAP and road manager for def jam recording artist didn't work out. He returned to Michigan, shortly after Chris Jai and brother Seyque started the indie record label Phineqx Entertainment (PE).Phineqx Entertainment to this day remains the most successful record label in the history of Lansing, Michigan. The 1st release entitled "PE 2003" sold over 4000 copies and various PE mix tapes sold well over 47,000 copies. Along with the other members of Phineqx, he has since relocated to Los Angeles, CA, where they continue making music, being heard underground on a international level, if that makes any sense... Being an avid hobbyist he taught himself Japanese.After watching X-men 2 he was inspired to move to LA in hopes of "blowuptuating". He and four friends crammed their belongings in 2 cars and drove 72 hours to Cali where they shared a 1-room apartment on Hollywood Blvd for a year. Later Chris moved out with Sachiko Ishida.Shortly after his arrival in LA he began studying martial arts informally at LA Valley College, there he was introduced to martial art acting, and stunts where he found himself training with world class athletes, one of which was Wayne Daglish, a fellow film maker and frequent collaborator. After a while he picked up tips and made friends with a top Hollywood stuntman. He eventually started training at the world renowned 8711 under Chad Stahelkshi, whose group was responsible for bringing their magic to films such as The matrix series, 300, V for Vendetta, along with many other A+ Hollywood blockbusters.Later Chris Jai signed with Osbrink Agency for Voice Over and continues to voice video games and animation along with animating some characters with his movement via motion capture technology. He continues to perfect his craft and is currently learning 3 other languages simultaneously and completed 2 feature length scripts which are being pitched as you read. He continues to act in, make and score his own films as well as many other outside projects.

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Chris Jai Alex Chris Jai Alex Chris Jai Alex Chris Jai Alex Chris Jai Alex Chris Jai Alex


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Mia et le Migou Charlemagne 2008 Animation, Family
Set Apart Gangster 1 2009
Suika Nathan 2010 Comedy
Berserk: Ohgon jidai hen 2 - dorudorei koryaku hen Additional voices 2012 Animation
The Vanisher CYRESS 2012 Action
Evidence Lead SWAT 2013
Sir Billi The Golf Tourist 2013 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Terms & Conditions Emmett 2014 Action
6 Ways to Sundown Frank Casper 2014 Action, Crime, Thriller
Checkmate Tiny 2015 Action, Thriller
4Got10 Agent Black 2015 Action, Thriller
Extraction Lone Guard 2015 0