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Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Wiki Biography: Christine was born to Linda Bartholomew and Carl Stauffer in April of 1980. She was a very shy child and kept to herself alot. She was very active in sports and was a swimmer from before she could walk. Christine grew up in Richlandtown Pennsylvania and moved to Quakertown (Haycock) Pennsylvania when she was 14. She was a tomboy who like to ride bikes and skateboard. She also like playing baseball, basketball, tennis, and football.In the spring of 2003, right before her 23rd birthday, her little sister Kathryn was killed in a car accident in Georgia on her way to Florida for spring break.While working at a bank, she was approached by Pamela Ptak and was asked to model in a charity event for the local fire house. She agreed and started modeling for Pamela on a regular basis. To this day she still models for Pamela Ptak, who was on the 2010 Season of Project Runway.In June of 2010, while working at a tag agency, Christine was helping a customer who mentioned he played drums in a band. Christine mentioned to him that she liked to sing karaoke and the drummer asked her to come out to one of his shows and sing a song. Christine eventually came out and ended up singing 2 songs with the band and was asked to join. The name of the band is T.H.R.O.G. which stands for Thee Hard Rocking Outstanding Guys.In October of 2010, Christine was attending a Zombie crawl in Doylestown, PA and participated in a music video for Christy Jefferson. During the filming of the video she was approached my a director in zombie attire and asked if she would like to be a super hero on a zombie tv show. Christine has since been in 7 episodes, including a Movie Zombie Etiquette: School of Rock, which was co-written, directed, and produced by Deborah Twiss. While that movie was being filmed Christine also took on the role of 1st Assistant Director. She has since been the 1st Assistant Director in every episode since then.As of now Christine is acting in a film called Pipers Revenge for Dream Catcher Multimedia with director Tony Angelo.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
School of Rock: Zombie Etiquette Shrinking Violet 2011 Comedy