Christopher Lloyd Biography

Birthday: 1938-10-22
Place of Birth: Stamford, Connecticut USA

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Christopher Lloyd Christopher Lloyd Christopher Lloyd Christopher Lloyd Christopher Lloyd Christopher Lloyd


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Dennis the Menace 1959 - 1963 Comedy
My Favorite Martian Uncle Martin 1963 - 1966 Comedy
The Addams Family Uncle Fester Addams 1964 - 1965 Comedy
Fantastic Seven 1979 Drama
Back to the Future Dr. Emmett Brown 1991 - 1993 Adventure
Deadly Games Jordan Kenneth Lloyd 1995 - 1996
Cyberchase The Hacker 2002 Animation
I Dream Professor Toone 2004 Music
Clubhouse Lou Russo 2004 Drama
Stacked Harold March 2005 Comedy
Girl's High Mr. Chauncey 2006
Stacked Poker Harold March 2006 -
A Perfect Day Michael 2006 - 2006
Bizarre Foods Dr. Emmett Brown Introduction 2011
Flipping Boston Dr. Emmett Brown Introduction 2012 Reality Tv
Flipped Off Professor Plum 2012 Reality Tv
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Angels in the Outfield Al the Boss Angel 1951 0, 0
Piranha Mr. Goodman 1978 Sport, 0, Reality Tv, Game Show
Goin' South Towfield 1978 0
The Lady in Red 1979 0, Game Show, 0
The Onion Field 1979 Comedy
Butch and Sundance: The Early Days 1979
The Legend of the Lone Ranger Maj. Bartholomew 'Butch' Cavendish 1981 Action, Adventure
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension John Bigboote 1984 0, Sport, 0, Biography
Joy of Sex Coach Hindenberg 1984 Comedy, Romance
Why Me? Bruno Daley 1985
Back to the Future Dr. Emmett Brown 1985 0, 0, 0
Clue Professor Plum 1985 Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Walk Like a Man Reggie Henry 1987
Bialy smok Jim Martin 1987 Adventure
Track 29 Henry Henry 1988 0
Who Framed Roger Rabbit Judge Doom 1988 Animation, Comedy, Crime
Eight Men Out 'Sleepy' Bill Burns 1988 Drama, History, Sport
Miracles Harry 1989
The Dream Team Henry Sikorsky 1989 Comedy
Back to the Future Part II Dr. Emmett Brown 1989 Adventure, Comedy, Sci Fi
Back to the Future Iii Dr. Emmett Brown 1990
Why Me? Bruno Daley 1990 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Back to the Future Part III Dr. Emmett Brown 1990 Adventure, Comedy, Sci Fi
DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp Merlock 1990 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
The Addams Family Uncle Fester Addams 1991 Reality Tv, 0
Suburban Commando Charlie Wilcox 1991 Action, Comedy, Family
Dennis the Menace 1993 Comedy, Family
Addams Family Values Uncle Fester Addams 1993 Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Camp Nowhere Dennis Van Welker 1994 Family, Adventure, Comedy
Radioland Murders Zoltan 1994 Comedy, Mystery, Romance
The Pagemaster 1994 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Pieces 1995 0, Comedy
The Right To Remain Silent 1996
Anastasia Rasputin 1997 Drama, 0, 0
Quicksilver Highway 1997 Horror, Thriller
Changing Habits Theo Teagarden 1997 Comedy, Drama
Dinner at Fred's Dad 1997 Comedy
Angels in the Endzone 1997 Comedy, Family, Fantasy
The Real Blonde 1998 Comedy, Drama, Romance
My Favorite Martian Uncle Martin 1999 Comedy, Sci Fi
Baby Geniuses 1999 Comedy, Crime, Family
It Came From the Sky 1999 Drama
Wit Dr. Harvey Kelekian 2001
Happy Birthday Attorney Bum 2001
Wish You Were Dead 2002
Kids World Leo 2002 Adventure, Comedy, Family
Hey Arnold!: The Movie 2002 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Buffalo Bill's Defunct: Stories from the New West Chris 2004 Drama
Bad Girls from Valley High Mr. Chauncey 2005 Comedy
Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie 2005 Animation, Drama, Family
Enfants terribles Reverend Burr 2005 Drama, Comedy
Admissions Stewart Worthy 2006 Drama
5-25-77 2007
The Tale of Despereaux Hovis 2008 0, Drama, 0
Fly Me to the Moon Grandpa 2008 0, 0, Drama, Sport
Call of the Wild 'Grandpa' Bill Hale 2009 Adventure, Drama, Family
Jack and the Beanstalk Headmaster 2009 Adventure, Comedy, Family
InSight Shep Hagen 2011
Snowmen 2011
The Chateau Meroux Nathan 2011 0, 0
The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure Lero Sombrero 2012 0
Dorothy and the Witches of Oz The Wizard of Oz 2012 Action, Family, Fantasy
Last Call Pete 2012 Comedy
Piranha 3DD Mr. Goodman 2012 Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Dead Before Dawn 3D Horus Galloway 2012 Adventure, Comedy, Horror
Excuse Me for Living Lars 2012 Comedy, Romance
Delhi Safari Pigeon 2012 Animation
Floquet de Neu Dr. Archibald 2013 Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Adventures of Serial Buddies Dr. Von Gearheart 2013 Comedy
The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure Grandpa Jack 2013 Family
The One I Wrote for You Pop 2014 0, 0
Pirate's Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson Grandpa Jack 2014 Family
Convergence Morley Allen 2015 0
The Boat Builder Abner 2015 Drama, Family