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Film title: Clear Lake, WI
Language: English
Plot: Fifteen years after Clear Lake, WI was evacuated and quarantined by the government, four young adults return to the small town in search of clues about their mysterious past. Back in 1994, a mysterious virus appeared in Clear Lake. As panic spread, a local priest (Michael Madsen) convinced a small group of high school students that the locals were being punished by God, and that the day of retribution had finally arrived. It was their job, claimed the priest, to apprehend the worst sinners, and ensure that they suffered for their transgressions. When government health officials arrived to investigate, they were shocked to discover that 13 of the locals had vanished without a trace, and the majority of the townspeople had abandoned their homes for fear of getting infected. For the following 15 years, the town sat eerily still and completely unoccupied. Now, a group of documentary filmmakers have convinced the kids who previously took part in the kidnappings to return to Clear Lake, and shed some light on the unsolved mystery. But the deeper the filmmakers and their subjects dig for answers about Clear Lake's mysterious past, the more they risk being buried alive in the process.

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Clear Lake, WI Cast & Crew

Dustin Booth
as Reed Bolling
Morgan Simpson
as Michael Perry
Grinnell Morris
as Sam O'Connell
Shi Ne Nielson
as Kyra Sannhet
Carla Toutz
as Beth Retter
Heather Simpson
as Nikki O'Connell
Michael Madsen
as The Reverend
Jacquelin Arroyo
as Girlfriend
Carson Aune
as Young Reed
Mike Basone
as Kidnapped Boy
Bridgette Bassa
as Warrior Gidget
Paul Ben-Victor
as Sheriff Joe Dietzer
Caleb Cubbison
as Warrior Caleb
Sammy Garcia
as Warrior Sam