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Birthday: 1945-02-12
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California USA
Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m) Mini Biography Clif
Wiki Biography: Cliff De Young was born in Los Angeles on February 12, 1945. He was the lead singer in the band Clear Light in the late 1960s. They played with such artists as The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. He went to New York in l970 after the band broke up, starred in the Broadway production of "Hair" and the Tony award-winning "Sticks and Bones". After four years in New York, he came back to California and starred in the TV movie Sunshine (1973) (TV) and the subsequent series of the same name ("Sunshine" (1975)). After 25 years and countless performances in film, television and the theater, he is still going strong in such projects as "Relativity" (1996), a series for ABC, and the films The Substitute (1996) and Suicide Kings (1997).

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Cliff De Young Cliff De Young Cliff De Young Cliff De Young Cliff De Young Cliff De Young


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Once Upon A Classic 1976
Centennial John Skimmerhorn 1978 - 1979 Action
Shock Treatment Brad Majors 1981 Comedy
Relativity David Lukens 1996 Drama
The Hunger 1997 - 2000
The Substitute Matt Wolfson 2011 Family
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Harry and Tonto 1975 Adventure, Comedy, Drama
The Night That Panicked America 1975 Drama
Blue Collar 1978 0
Shock Treatment Brad Majors 1981 Comedy, Musical
The Hunger 1983 Horror, Romance, Thriller
Reckless Phil Barton 1984 Biography, 0
Deadly Intentions 1985 Crime, Thriller, Drama
Secret Admirer George Ryan 1985 Comedy, Romance
F/X 1986 Action, Crime, Thriller
Flight of the Navigator Bill Freeman 1986 Family, Adventure, Sci Fi
Pulse Bill Rockland 1988 Thriller, Horror
The Survivalist Dr. Vincent Ryan 1988 Action, Drama
In Dangerous Company Blake 1988 Action, Crime, Drama
Fear Don Haden 1988 Action
Glory Col. James M. Montgomery 1989 Romance, 0
Forbidden Sun Professor Lake 1989 Thriller
Rude Awakening Agent Brubaker 1989 Comedy
Flashback Sheriff Hightower 1990
To Die Standing Shaun Broderick 1991 Action, Crime, Drama
Dr. Giggles Tom Campbell 1992 Game Show, 0, Reality Tv
Immortal Sins Mike 1992 Horror, Thriller
The Tommyknockers Joe Paulson 1993 Horror, Sci Fi
Revenge of the Red Baron Richard Spencer 1994 Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Carnosaur 2 1995 Action, Horror, Sci Fi
Andersonville 1996 Drama, History
The Craft Mr. Bailey 1996 Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Path to War McGeorge Bundy, National Security Advisor 2002 Drama
Almost a Woman 2006 Drama
The Hunt Jon Kraw 2006 Horror, Thriller
Last Flight Out Tony Williams 2007 Adventure, Drama
2012 Doomsday 2008 Sport, Game Show, 0, 0
Solar Flare Dr. Kline 2008 Sport, Game Show, 0
The Substitute 2017