Watch Cody the Robosapien Online

Watch Cody the Robosapien Online
Film title: Cody the Robosapien
Language: English
Plot: The story begins when a scientist is working on an intelligent robot for humanitarian purposes, who discovers the company he works for is intends to use the robots for military purposes. The scientist steals one of the robots which ends up being lost and broken, then is fixed by a lonely 11-year-old boy. A robot boy and a human boy team up to save their respective parents, who are being held captive by the organization that funded the robot's creator. The two become friends and embark on adventures while being pursued by the au

Cody the Robosapien Cast & Crew

Kim Coates
as Porter
Jae Head
as Cody / Robosapien
Joaquim de Almeida
as Esperenza
Bobby Coleman
as Henry
Peter Jason
as Adm. Victor
Sean McNamara
as Captain Dylan Patrick
Jamie Harrold
as Security Guard
Carol Sutton
as Mrs. Jacobs
Lacey Minchew
as Dinah
Buddy Lewis
as Charles