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Film title: Coiled
Language: English
Plot: Fifty year old Cobb Mills revisits every year the small California town of Dusty Springs where he crashed his car seven years earlier and killed his passenger, daughter, Tess. He blames himself for not insisting Tess wear her seat belt. An alcoholic burdened by guilt, he can never seem to shed, Cobb usually leaves a wreath of flowers at the crash site and drives back to Los Angeles. However, on this year's visit, his car breaks down. Cobb spends time in the local bar, and also on calls to his ex-, Julie, Tess's Mom.

Coiled Series
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Coiled Cast & Crew

Bonnie Hellman
as Dorris
Tony Longo
as Fighting Barfly
Chris Cleveland
as Sergeant Flanders
David Kagen
as Lt. Jackson
Ralph P. Martin
as Motel Clerk
Rick Irvin
as Tommy
Peter Gannon
as Gas Station Attendant
Paul Cross
as Bank Officer
David Stifel
as Barfly 1
Scott King
as Jake