Watch Cold Around the Heart Online

Watch Cold Around the Heart Online
Film title: Cold Around the Heart
Language: English
Plot: Killer-lovers Ned and Jude snatched a lot of diamonds in a jewellery store holdup, leaving three dead bodies. Ned is captured, but soon escapes and vows revenge on Jude, who pushed him out of escaping car. Ned is joined in his search for Jude by black female hitchhiker Bec

Cold Around the Heart Cast & Crew

David Caruso
as Ned Tash
Kelly Lynch
as Jude Law
Stacey Dash
as Bec Rosenberg
John Spencer
as Uncle Mike
Pruitt Taylor Vince
as Johnny 'Cokebottles' Costello
Richard Kind
as Attorney Nabbish
Kirk Baltz
as Detective Logan
Jennifer Jostyn
as Waitress Inez
Tom McGowan
as Gun Store Man
Mark Boone Junior
as Angry Man
Jack Orend
as Motel Man
Tracey Ross
as Nurse Woman
Gareth Williams
as Car Dealer Man
Richmond Arquette
as Gas Station Man