Watch Collateral Damage Online

Watch Collateral Damage Online
Film title: Collateral Damage
Rotten Tomatoes: 19%
Language: English
Plot: Firefighter Gordon Brewer's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) family is the "collateral damage" of a terrorist bombing in Los Angeles. When the U.S. government turns to peace talks with the perpetrators instead of justice for his family, Brewer heads to Colombia intent on payback. But when he meets the wife (Francesca Neri) and child of his family's murderer (Cliff Curtis), nothing is as it seems, and all hell breaks loose in true "Ah-nuld" style.

Collateral Damage Cast & Crew

Arnold Schwarzenegger
as Gordy Brewer
Francesca Neri
as Selena Perrini
Elias Koteas
as Peter Brandt
Cliff Curtis
as Claudio Perrini
John Leguizamo
as Felix Ramirez
John Turturro
as Sean Armstrong
Jsu Garcia
as Roman
Tyler Posey
as Mauro