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Film title: Comet in Moominland
Language: Japanese
Plot: A philosopher predicting disaster, black rain and rumour of a threat from space take Moomin and his two friends Little My and Sniff on an adventure to find out what is coming their way. The trio heads toward an observatory found on the Lonely Mountains. On their way up the mountain they meet Snufkin, a wise and lonely wanderer, who knows about the coming disaster: it's a comet, that could hit wherever, even here! Now lead by Snufkin, the expedition arrives at the observatory and learn that the calculated time is in two days! The four have two days to hurry back to Moomindale to warn everyone and to escape into a cave near the sea - and to find the sweet owner of a golden anklet Moomin found in the mountains. More and more interesting characters join our adventurers: the inventor Snork, his sister Snork Maiden and the stamp collecting Hemulen. Not forgetting the giant octopus, the Snork eating plant and the lizard guarding a ravine full of amethysts, the journey turns into a real adventure!

Comet in Moominland Series
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Comet in Moominland Cast & Crew

Rabbe Smedlund
as Moomin
Jyrki Kovaleff
as Sniff
Ulla Tapaninen
as Moominmamma
Matti Ruohola
as Moominpappa
Pertti Koivula
as Snufkin
Mika Kanai
as Floren
Takehito Koyasu
as Snufkin
Ryûsei Nakao
as Sniff
Rei Sakuma
as Little My