Watch Commando Online

Watch Commando Online
Film title: Commando
Rotten Tomatoes: 65%
Language: Hindi
Plot: Col. John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the former leader of a special ops team, is vaulted back into action to save his young daughter (Alyssa Milano) who has been kidnapped. Her life is threatened lest John assassinate a South American president. Rather than being strong-armed into such a proposition, John takes matters (and lots of guns) into his owns hands as he fights through the jungle against his enemies to save his daughter.

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Commando Cast & Crew

Arnold Schwarzenegger
as John Matrix
Rae Dawn Chong
as Cindy
Dan Hedaya
as Arius
Vernon Wells
as Bennett
James Olson
as Major General Franklin Kirby
Alyssa Milano
as Jenny Matrix
Bill Duke
as Cooke
Drew Snyder
as Lawson
Sharon Wyatt
as Leslie
Michael Delano
as Forrestal
Bob Minor
as Jackson
Michael Adams
as Harris
Lenny Juliano
as Soldier