Watch Company Business Online

Watch Company Business Online
Film title: Company Business
Language: English
Plot: Rogue CIA agent Sam Boyd is called back by "the Company" to do some work. Namely a hostage trade of jailed Soviet spy Pyiotr Grushenko for an American agent the Soviets had taken. In the newly united Germany the trade goes bad and Grushenko and Boyd find themselves on the run from both the KGB and the CIA as they unravel an International espionage plot set at the end of the Soviet era. American and Soviet find themselves in an uneasy partnership as they hop around Europe trying to stay alive. Notes: Baryshnikov hated this movie he refused to even do publicity f

Company Business Cast & Crew

Gene Hackman
as Sam Boyd
Mikhail Baryshnikov
as Pyotr Ivanovich Grushenko
Kurtwood Smith
as Elliot Jaffe
Terry O'Quinn
as Colonel Pierce Grissom
Daniel von Bargen
as Mike Flinn
Oleg Rudnik
as Colonel Grigori Golitsin
Géraldine Danon
as Natasha Grimaud
Nadim Sawalha
as Faisal
Michael Tomlinson
as Dick Maxfield
Howard McGillin
as Bruce Wilson
Louis Eppolito
as Paco Gonzalez
Toby Eckholt
as Nerdy Young Man
Elsa O'Toole
as Receptionist Maxine Gray Cosmetics
Kate Harper
as Secretary
Shane Rimmer
as Chairman, Maxine Gray Cosmetics