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Film title: Comrades in Arms
Language: English
Plot: The Cold War is over, but the battle is still blazing as Russia and America join forces. When a ruthless international drug cartel threatens to impose a new world order of its own, aggressive no-nonsense CIA chief Rob Reed, calls an emergency summit with his KGB counterpart. With lightning speed, Red Army Spetnatz commandos and the elite U.S. Delta Force are dispatched into action. But as the cartel's terrorist army continues its march across international borders, it's up to Green Beret veteran Rick Burns to forge the Americans and Soviets into a fighting machine before time runs out. From the jungles of Colombia to the heart of Red Square, two former enemies join forces under one common cause when survival means they must become comrades in arms.

Comrades in Arms Series
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Comrades in Arms Cast & Crew

Lyle Alzado
as Gen. Rada
Rick Washburn
as Rick Burns
J. Christian Ingvordsen
as Frank White
Lance Henriksen
as Rob Reed
Steven Kaman
as Col. Kotchov
John Weiner
as Khaleel
Parker Gentry
as Parka
Paul Borghese
as Callahan
Angel Caban
as Angelko
Diedre Coleman
as Natasha
Betsy New
as Deb
Robert Restaino
as Smuggler