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Film title: Confessions of a Hitman
Language: English
Plot: A former hitman named Bruno steals some cash from his mobster uncle. He plans to go to Tahiti, but things go wrong and he finds himself headed for Vegas via Death Valley in a comandeered airport limousine, pursued by his uncle's henchmen and accompanied by a limo driver and an enigmatic blonde.

Confessions of a Hitman Series
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Confessions of a Hitman Cast & Crew

James Remar
as Bruno Serrano
Michael Wright
as Charley
John Snyder
as Rocco
Al Israel
as Frank
Richard Bakalyan
as Uncle Dino
Richard Caruso
as Bruno's Father
Marcus Demian
as Spinelli
Ted Markland
as Mickey
Mark Lonow
as Jeffrey
Perry Lopez
as Priest
Frank Renzulli
as Vinnie
Skeeter Vaughan
as Gas Station Owner
Vincent Barbi
as Big Mike