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Film title: Conquering the Rose
Language: English
Plot: When the coffin of Etta Rose Callahan, a charismatic dance student, is uprooted from the earth after days of rain, the small college town of Remington is haunted with questions involving the young girl's sudden suicide. Jeremiah Mouthy, a popular art professor reveals his obsession with Etta when he decides to paint a portrait of her for the town's annual art exhibit. Jeremiah's act of passion aims to make Etta his and his alone: risking his marriage, friendships, and reputatio

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Conquering the Rose Cast & Crew

George Katt
as Jeremiah Mouthy
Kera O'Bryon
as Meredith Mouthy
Ian Novick
as Ian Armstrong
Jenna St. John
as Etta Rose Callahan
Francis Abbey
as Blake Johnson
P.J. Megaw
as Trevor Armstrong
Kira Grossfield
as Joslyn Armstrong
Ali Walton
as Tracy
T. Anthony Quinn
as Mr. Armstrong
Patricia Talmadge Berry
as Mrs. Armstrong
Phil Amico
as Carl
Meghan Nelson
as Amber