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Film title: Contractor's Routine
Language: English
Plot: Contractor's Routine is the depiction of one day in the life of Jacob Borschevsky, who although, apparently harmless is a rather quirky and strange human being. Because of his lack of skills at fitting in with normal society, Jacob has developed a full and rich fantasy life, complete with an ultra ego, who as his mentor is available at Jacob's beacon call. When Jacob resorts to horrible acts of violence and murder as a means of coping with his considerable frustrations with the workings of the real world, it is left to the audience to decide - will Jacob's mentor be able to stop the violence from spilling over into the real world?

Contractor's Routine Series
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Contractor's Routine Cast & Crew

Tom Sizemore
as Art Professor
Kevin Giffin
as Jacob
Julia Heller
as Maria
Montgomery Paulsen
as Choir Director
Rita Rey
as Fantasy Woman
Holly Conroy
as Jacob's Wife
Annette Bohle
as Becca
Stephani Bryant
as Elizabeth Ann
Michael Ceniseroz
as Young Jacob
Chris Cheung
as Martial Arts Instructor
Thomas Cokenias
as Dentist
Rana Kangas-Kent
as Jacob's Girlfriend