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Film title: Control
Language: English
Plot: Lee Ray Oliver grew up from abused kid to sociopath, inevitably condemned to death, but wakes up in the morgue after the 'lethal' injection. Dr. Michael Copeland offers him a choice: the real killer drug or 'volunteering' as life-long test person for his pharmaceutic experiment, Anagress, meant to suppress violent tendencies but side-effects unknown. After vicious escape attempts, Lee Ray finally develops genuine remorse and tries to make-up with Gary Caputo, who Lee shot in the head, leaving him mentally a child. Brother Bill Caputo's hate for ruining both of their lives is however redoubled, with tragic consequences.

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Control Cast & Crew

Ray Liotta
as Lee Ray Oliver
Willem Dafoe
as Dr. Michael Copeland
Stephen Rea
as Dr. Arlo Penner
Polly Walker
as Barbara Copeland
Kathleen Robertson
as Eden Ross
Tim DeKay
as Bill Caputo
Mark Pickard
as Gary Caputo
Glenn Wrage
as Gibson
Ivan Kaye
as Norton
Mark Letheren
as Villard
Anthony Warren
as Brock
Mac McDonald
as Warden