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Birthday: 1954-09-07
Place of Birth: North Hollywood, California USA
Height: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
Wiki Biography: Rugged, hirsutely handsome Corbin Bernsen blazed to TV stardom in 1986 on "L.A. Law" (1986) as opportunistic divorce lawyer "Arnie Becker", whose blond and brash good looks, impish grin and aggressive courting style proved a wild sex magnet to not only the beautiful female clients desirous of his "services", but his own lovelorn secretary who frequently bailed him out of trouble. Bernsen invested the Becker character with a likable "bad boy" charm that made him a favorite among the tight ensemble for eight solid seasons. In the process, he earned multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. He also proved the role was no flash-in-the-pan or dead-end stereotype, maintaining a steady career over the course of three decades now with no signs of let up. Moreover, his deep love for acting and intent devotion to his career recently impelled him to climb into the producer/director's chair. Born in North Hollywood, California, on September 7, 1954, Corbin was raised around the glitz of the entertainment business. The eldest of three children born to 70s film/TV producer Harry Bernsen and veteran grande dame soap star Jeanne Cooper (the couple divorced in 1977), he graduated from Beverly Hills High School and attended UCLA with the intention of pursuing law. Instead, he went on to receive a BFA in Theatre Arts and MFA in Playwriting. He worked on the Equity-waiver L.A. stage circuit as both actor and set designer, making his film debut as a bit player in his father's picture Three the Hard Way (1974). Appearing unobtrusively in a couple of other films, he set his sights on New York in the late 70s. During his salad days, he eeked out a living as a carpenter and roofer while sidelining as a model. His first big break came in 1983 with the role of "Ken Graham" on daytime's "Ryan's Hope" (1975). During this time, he also met and married TV costumer designer Brenda Cooper, who later worked on "The Nanny" (1993) sitcom. They divorced four years later. This break led to an exclusive deal by NBC and eventually the TV role of a lifetime. The perks of his newly-found stardom on "L.A. Law" (1986) included a hosting stint on "Saturday Night Live" (1975) and the covers of numerous major magazines. Wasting no time, he parlayed his sudden small screen success into a major movie career, usually playing charmingly unsympathetic characters. He co-starred as Shelley Long's egotistical husband in the lightweight reincarnation comedy Hello Again (1987); played an equally vain Hollywood star in the musical comedy Bert Rigby, You're a Fool (1989); and starred as a disorganized ringleader of a band of crooks in the bank caper Disorganized Crime (1989). He capped the 1980s decade opposite Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger in the box office hit Major League (1989), which took advantage of his natural athleticism, playing ballplayer-cum-owner "Roger Dorn". Two sequels followed. Corbin's career has merrily rolled along ever since - active in lowbudgets as well as pricier film fare portraying both anti-heroes and villains. On the TV homefront, he has appeared in a slew of mini-movie vehicles, including Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story (1991) (TV) as the famed civil rights attorney, and has ventured on in an assortment film genres - the mystery thriller Shattered (1991), which re-teamed him with Tom Berenger; the romantic comedy Frozen Assets (1992), again with Shelley Long; the war horror tale Grey Knight (1993); the slapstick farce Radioland Murders (1994); the melodramatic An American Affair (1997), and the fantasy adventure Beings (2002). Topping it off, Corbin's title role in the expert thriller The Dentist (1996) had audiences excogitating a similar paranoia of tooth doctors as Anthony Perkins had decades before with motel clerks. As spurned husband-turned-crazed ivory hunter "Dr. Alan Feinstone", Corbin reached cult horror status. The movie spawned a sequel in which he also served as associate producer. Into the millennium, Corbin returned to his daytime roots with a recurring role on mother Jeanne Cooper's popular serial "The Young and the Restless" (1973), and is currently seen as "John Durant" on "General Hospital" (1963), a role he's played since 2004. A game and excitable player on reality shows, he added immeasurable fun to the "Celebrity Mole" series, and has enjoyed recurring roles on the more current and trendy "The West Wing" (1999), "JAG" (1995), "Cuts" (2005) and "Psych" (2006). Of late, Corbin has decided to tackle the business end of show biz. In 2004, he formed Public Media Works, a film/TV production company in order to exert more creative control over his projects. On top of the list is the loopy film comedy Carpool Guy (2005), which he directed, produced and co-starred in. It features more than 10 of the currently reigning soap opera stars, including a wildly eccentric Anthony Geary in the title role, and, of course, his irrepressible real-life mom, Jeanne Cooper. Obviously, his errant on-camera antics does not reflect a similar personal lifestyle for Corbin as he has been happily married (since 1988) to lovely British actress Amanda Pays. They have appeared together in the sci-fi film Spacejacked (1997) and the TV-movies Dead on the Money (1991) (TV) and The Santa Trap (2002) (TV), among others. The couple have four children, including twin boys. Just a few years ago, they relocated to Los Angeles after living in England for some time. In between, he still shows off as a master carpenter at home and continues to dabble in writing. Perseverance and dedication has played a large part in the acting success of Corbin Bernsen. Gleaning a savvy, take-charge approach hasn't hurt either -- characteristics worthy of many of the sharpies he's played on screen.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
L.A. Law Arnie Becker 1986 - 1994 Drama
A Whole New Ballgame Brett Sooner 1995 Comedy
Psych Henry Spencer 2006 - Comedy
Fbi: Criminal Pursuit Himself 2011 Crime
Shattered Jeb Scott 3727
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Three the Hard Way 1974 Action, Crime, Drama
Dead Aim Webster 1987 Action, Crime, Drama
Hello Again Jason Chadman 1987 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Disorganized Crime 1989 0, 0
Bert Rigby, You're a Fool Jim Shirley 1989
Major League Roger Dorn 1989 Comedy, Sport
Fatal Inheritance Woodward Dawes 1991 Action, Drama, Thriller
Frozen Assets Zach Shepard 1992 Comedy
Grey Knight Col. Nehemiah Strayn 1993 Horror
Savage Land Quint 1994 Fantasy, 0
Major League II Roger Dorn 1994 Comedy, Sport
Trigger Fast Brent Mallick 1994
A Brilliant Disguise Dr. Martin 1994 Thriller
Radioland Murders 1994 Comedy, Mystery, Romance
The Soft Kill Martin Lewis 1994 Mystery, Thriller
Dangerous Intentions Tom Williamson 1995
Tales from the Hood 1995 Horror, Thriller
Cover Me Andre Solloway 1995 Action, Thriller
The Dentist Dr. Feinstone 1996
The Great White Hype 1996 Comedy, Sport
Kounterfeit 1997 Action, Crime, Thriller
Spacejacked Barnes 1997 Action
Menno's Mind Felix Medina 1997 Thriller
Loyal Opposition Secret Service Agent John Gray 1998 Action, Drama, Thriller
Major League: Back to the Minors Roger Dorn 1998 Comedy, Sport
The Dentist 2 Dr. Lawrence Caine / Dr. Alan Feinstone 1998 Crime, Horror, Mystery
The Misadventures of Margaret Art Turner 1998 Comedy, Romance
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 2001
Final Payback Mayor Richardson 2001 Action
Judgment Mitch Kendrick 2001 Drama, Thriller
Accidents Don't Happen Mr. Jones 2001
Killer Instinct Jennings Wilhite 2001 Horror, Thriller
Fangs Carl Hart 2002 Horror
L.A. Law: The Movie Arnie Becker 2002 Drama
Atomic Twister 2002 Drama, Thriller
Beings Rob Preston 2002 Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Dead Above Ground Mark Mallory 2002 Crime, Horror
Borderline Normal Benjiman Walling 2003 Drama
Love Comes Softly 2003 Romance, Drama
Quiet Kill Jerry Martin 2004 Crime, Thriller
Kiss of a Stranger Mason 2005 Romance, Thriller
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Harlan Dexter 2005 Action, Comedy, Crime
Carpool Guy Michael 2005 Comedy
Someone to Die For Jack Davis 2006 Action, Drama, Thriller
Paid William Montague 2006 Crime, Romance, Thriller
The Naked Ape Mr. Feldman 2006 Drama, Comedy
Last Sunset John Wayne 2006 Romance, Thriller
Pirate Camp Hookbeard 2007 Action, Family
The Commission Rep. Gerald R. Ford 2007 Drama
Dead Air Dr. F 2008
House of Fallen Rowland 2008 Reality Tv, Game Show
Donna on Demand Ben Corbin 2009 Thriller
Trapped Edward Hutton 2009 Crime, Drama
Rust James Moore 2010
Temptress Nick 2010 Thriller
Closets Grant Erickson 2010 Thriller
Bad Actress Himself 2011 Comedy
Pizza Man Criswell 2011 Action, Family
The Ascension Carl 2011 Drama, Horror
25 Hill Roy Gibbs 2011 Drama
Suing the Devil Barry Polk 2011 Comedy, Drama
Lay the Favorite Jerry 2012 0, 0
3 Day Test Tom 2012 Comedy, Family
Beyond the Heavens Gus Henry 2013 Family
Gordon Family Tree Ron Goodson 2013 Adventure, Comedy, Family
Lizzie Dr. fredricks 2013 Game Show
Route 65 Nashville Dan Levin 2014 Musical
Bethlehem Keith Talbot 2014 Drama, Sport
Born to Race: Fast Track Liam Sterling 2014 Action
Jesse & Naomi Father Grayson 2016 Romance
Shattered Jeb Scott 2017 0