Country Fried Planet

Country Fried Planet Series
Premiere: 2008
Network: Cmt
IMDB Rating: 4.2/10
Sessons: 4
Full Episodes: 13
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With Country Fried Home Videos, Bill Engvall took on America. Now, he's ready to take on the world. Country Fried Planet takes the very best videos the world has to offer and packages them all into one convenient new show. So why would you ever leave America? Shoot, why would you ever leave your living room? On Country Fried Planet, you can see the world right through your TV screen.
Country Fried Planet S04E13 Don and Peggy are faced with life-altering decisions
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Date Aired Country Fried Planet Episodes
Season 4
Season 4, Episode 1: Public Relations
Season 4
Season 4, Episode 2: Christmas Comes But Once a Year
Season 4
Season 4, Episode 3: The Good News
Season 4
Season 4, Episode 4: The Rejected
Season 4, Episode 5: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword
Season 4, Episode 6: Waldorf Stories
Season 4, Episode 7: The Suitcase
Season 4, Episode 8: The Summer Man
Season 4, Episode 9: The Beautiful Girls
Season 4, Episode 10: Hands and Knees
Season 4, Episode 11: Chinese Wall
Season 4, Episode 12: Blowing Smoke
Season 4, Episode 13: Tomorrowland

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