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Film title: Crackerjack
Language: English
Plot: A cop in vacation in a mountain resort comes to the rescue when the resort is taken over by violent criminals.

Crackerjack  Series
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Crackerjack Cast & Crew

Thomas Ian Griffith
as Jack Wild
Nastassja Kinski
as Katia 'K.C.' Koslovska
Christopher Plummer
as Ivan Getz
George Touliatos
as Sonny LaRosso
Lisa Bunting
as Annie
Richard Sali
as Mike Wild
Frank Cassini
as Mario Bracco
Frank C. Turner
as Oliver Green
Dorothy Fehr
as Alex
Vladimir Kulich
as Stephan
Alex Diakun
as Kraft
Sonny Surowiec
as Jacques
Rob Wilton
as Bishop