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Film title: Crashing
Language: English
Plot: Richard McMurray's first novel was a success, but his second novel is sitting unfinished on his computer in his house, which his wife just locked him out of. After a speaking engagement at a local college, Richard accepts the invitation from two sexy college students to crash on their couch. He should only be there for a day or two but legal battles with his soon-to-be ex-wife, pressures from his editor and publisher, and more importantly, his new-found inspiration just might keep him there longer. He's using them as his muses, they're using him for writing guidance, but what are they all supposed to do about that sexual tension?

Crashing Series
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Crashing Cast & Crew

David Cross
as Space Station Man
Caleigh White
as Space Station Woman
Campbell Scott
as Richard McMurray
Alex Kingston
as Diane Freed
Izabella Miko
as Kristen
Lizzy Caplan
as Jacqueline
Devin Barry
as Brad
Holly Reiser
as Revised Space Station Woman
Alexandra Safford
as Unseen Woman
Alayna Corrick
as Real Estate Woman
Duane Clark
as Real Estate Man
Nora Kirkpatrick
as Barton's Girlfriend
Nash Garrison
as Barton's Bud #1
Patrick Graves
as Barton's Bud #2