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Film title: Criminal Passion
Language: English
Plot: What does it take to trust? Melanie Hudson is an L.A. police officer, a loner on the trail of a serial killer who slits the throats of beautiful women just after they have made love. Mel is independent and curious; at night, she drives the streets. Her partner on the force is her ex-lover, Nathan, who still loves her. Their prime suspect is Connor Ashcroft, the playboy son of a powerful U.S. Senator. They investigate him; he's unconcerned and comes on to Melanie. They also interview Connor's former girlfriends and a family shrink. Evidence suggests he's innocent, so Melanie takes Connor up on his invitation; Nathan is jealous and he's worried. Whom should Melanie trust?

Criminal Passion Series
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Criminal Passion Cast & Crew

Joan Severance
as Melanie Hudson
Anthony John Denison
as Nathan Leonard
John Allen Nelson
as Connor Ashcroft
David Labiosa
as Mike Verutti
Wolfgang Bodison
as Jordan Monroe
Shannon Wilcox
as Joanne Pinder
Henry Darrow
as Captain Ramoz
Millie Slavin
as District Attorney
Janet MacLachlan
as Tracy's Lawyer
Lynda Merritt
as Erika St. James
Kurt Bryant
as Chauffeur
Luana Anders
as Martha
Sammy Shore
as Stan
Shannon McLeod
as Isabella Sabatini
Lou Felder
as Senator Ashcroft